A number of young future cowboys and cowgirls will be at the Webster County Fairgrounds arena Friday, July 3, to show off a bit of their horse riding skills. But unlike the four-legged equines that will be on hand at various times during the annual Marshfield Independence Day Rodeo, these horses won’t move without help.

That’s because they’re actually wooden stick horses, and part of the Little Mr. and Miss Cowpoke contest. The event, open to children ages 3-8, involves the youngsters taking a brief ride in the arena on their “horse,” said Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce board member Cindy Dunn. 

She said the chamber has provided the participants with the stick horses and has held a few practices with the children in preparation for the July 3 show, which will be held at 6:45 p.m.

“They have to name their horse and they can decorate it if they wish,” Dunn said. 

Individual pictures of all the participants will be taken at the event, with Marshfield Mayor Robert Williams to present the photos to the children at the Fourth of July parade.

But although the word ‘contest’ is in the name of the event, Dunn said no two children will be taking the title of Little Mr. and Miss Cowpoke. The show is more for fun with the desire to get more children involved in the annual rodeo festivities.

“All the kids are winners in our program,” she added.

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