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The Conway Senior Center Is having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. Anyone entering the building must wear a face mask.

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There are few sentences that carry as much “I’ve moved up in the world” cache as, “I’m on the board.” In the corporate world, having a seat on the board—the core group of advisors and decision-makers in an organization—is a major symbol of leadership. And as many organizations look to expand and diversify their boards […]

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Based on works of Aristotle and Plato (and on J.A. Lee's 1973 book, "The Colours of Love"), love is categorized as follows:

I had kind of a bad day at the office last week. I suspect you may have noticed. It involved my having to reprint the front section of the new…

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When you’re preparing for an interview, chances are you’ve got the usual stuff down: your resume, talking points, stellar eye contact, and small talk. Those are easy—you can practice them in the mirror or with a trusted interview prep buddy. But what happens when you get a bit of a curveball, like difficult behavioral interview […]