SPRINGFIELD — This spring 92% of students at Strafford Middle School took a pledge to be Safe and Sober. Safe and Sober, a nonprofit organization, has rewarded Strafford Middle School and its students for their outstanding participation in the program by giving the school a check for $500.

In the 2018-19 school year, 506 middle and high schools with more than 165,000 students statewide registered for the free Safe and Sober program. This program is made available thanks to a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation and private donations. Each school received educational materials including pledge cards or an online pledge function for each student, discussion guides and an engaging video designed to illustrate the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and drunk driving.

"The Safe and Sober program is not only a free resource, but it is a quality resource," said Strafford Middle School counselor Lindsay Wells. "By using this program, I feel as though I am able to provide my students with a quality education on the importance of safe choices and the effects of underage drinking. Due to the highly engaging nature of this program, I am optimistic that it will leave a lasting impression on my students."

The Safe and Sober program is implemented in a unique way at each school. At Strafford, the program was used in an individual classroom setting. Wells presented the material in October to her students in grades five through eight.

Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Missouri high school students, middle school students and their parents on the dangers of underage drinking, drunk driving and drug use. For more information visit missourisafeandsober.com.

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