Does energy have weight?

To the editor:

If energy consisted of particles (like photons), which implies mass, it would have weight. Matter is the attraction of a particle to another. The ferric (iron) earth is attracted to the ferrous (iron) moon. This magnetic attraction, a form of energy, causes both Earth and moon to spin (24 hours and a millisecond for earth, 27 days for moon). Their speed has remained constant for centuries. Flux, or magnetic energy, created by revolution of moon around earth hasn’t weight. If so, it would slow the spins due to friction of energy with mass. Movement of mass within the three states of matter, solid, liquid, gas cause deceleration of the object of mass.

The 12 known forms of energy in Earth’s atmosphere are pressure, water flow, sound, wind, electrical, endo and exothermic chemical reactions, biological effort, fire, heat, and light. Energy causes movement which hasn’t weight due to magnetism.

Solar rays of light enter the Earth’s atmosphere continuously. The light energy is both absorbed and reflected by the mass of the Earth. It does not add to the weight of the Earth because its spin is constant. Therefore energy in the form of magnetism and light has not weight. I challenge you to prove the other the forms of energy have not weight.

John Hyde


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