It's a contest that started seven years ago at Shook Elementary School in Marshfield.

Every spring, students test their marksmanship skills in the Shook Games. This year was no exception, with the contest taking place on March 11 in the elementary school gym. A combination of archery and "The Hunger Games" served as inspiration for the games, according to James McAnarney, a physical education teacher at Shook Elementary.

"Shook Elementary received a grant and was awarded the equipment to do archery," said McAnarney. "Hunger Games was just starting to be a big thing at the time, and I wanted to incorporate it in to a contest for archery."

According to McAnarney, when the archery equipment became available, the physical education teachers earned their certification to teach archery in their classes. The certification process included both a written and physical test.

"It took us a whole day to become certified," said McAnarney. "We went to Evangel University in Springfield and sat through demonstrations and took a test."

Unlike within the Hunger Games concept, McAnarney noted students strictly shoot at targets. Every student is involved in the Shook Games and each class has a contest to determine their best shooter. From there, that student represents their class in the Shook Games. During the contest, if a student gets a bullseye or 30 points, they will receive a piece of candy or Bluejay Bucks for every time they accomplish it, according to McAnarney.

"I wanted the kids to get excited about archery, so I came up with the contest," said McAnarney. "This is just a way for them to enjoy archery and also demonstrate their skills."

McAnarney explained they do everything in class , from practice to the actual contest itself. He added they make sure the students follow directions or they’re not allowed to use the bows.

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