Jealousy may have led to a shooting that happened Saturday in Marshfield.

"You gotta know that pulling out a gun in a situation where you're upset is going to be a bad idea," Marshfield Police Chief Doug Fannen said of the incident, in which one woman shot another during a dispute.

Ladonna Yvette Lampe of 454 W. Bedford St., Marshfield, was charged with second-degree assault and armed criminal action following the incident.

Chief Fannen said that dispatch received a call Saturday of a female being shot in a drive-by in Marshfield off Commercial Street. The victim, who received a gunshot wound to her hip, said that she did not know who shot her.

This turned out to be false information, according to Chief Fannen. "The shooting actually happened in the 400 block of West Bedford," he said. At that point, he said, the victim had a friend drive her over to her home on Commercial Street, where she claimed that the drive-by occurred.

"We were pretty sure the shooting didn't actually happen there," Chief Fannen said.

At that point, Lampe called dispatch to confess to the crime and then waited for police to come and arrest her.

The probable cause statement for the incident reports that Lampe had told dispatch she had shot someone in her home with a .22 caliber firearm because they would not leave. The firearm used in the assault was located inside Lampe's house.

The statement says that the shooting victim showed up at Lampe's house and refused to leave. Lampe reported that she got the firearm out to scare the victim, but she banged it down, causing it to go off and strike the victim in the upper thigh/hip area of her left leg.

The police sergeant investigating the incident reported in the statement that they were arguing because Lampe was dating a police officer and the victim did not like that. The sergeant also said, after speaking with the victim at the hospital, that Lampe said to her, "Do you not think I'll use this?" just before the firearm discharged.

Chief Fannen said that there was "a little bit of a situation" going on between Lampe's girlfriend, who is a correctional officer, and the victim. Saturday's incident did not qualify as a domestic violence crime, he said, because Lampe and the victim were not in a relationship, though they had been sexual partners.

The victim had to have the bullet removed in surgery, but Chief Fannen said she is expected to be fine, as the small-caliber handgun did minimal damage.

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