Every year in October, the Marshfield Fire Protection District educate students about fire safety during the Marshfield Fire Prevention Week.

Since they weren’t able to present the program inside the schools, fire personnel planned a fun, educational experience for the students by dropping off goodie bags and other treats to the main offices at the schools.

"We filled the goodie bags with helpful and fun books for the students," said Kit Gaynor, coordinator of the Marshfield Fire Prevention Week. "We spent Sunday (Oct. 4) filling all of the goodie bags. I think there were 1,200 of them."

As part of Fire Prevention Week, students still have an opportunity to participate in the coloring contest, according to Gaynor.

"Students will turn the coloring sheets in through the school," said Gaynor.

"We'll do all of it hands-free. We'll go through the office and not through the school, just for the safety of the students."

Gaynor added they will collect the pictures and select the best one from Hubble Elementary and Webster Elementary. Fire personnel will do a hands-free drop-off pizza party for the winners.

"We won't get to participate with them, but they'll still get to have the benefit and stuff," said Gaynor. "They'll get to see a little bit and learn from their teachers about fire safety."

The coloring contest was started many years ago to give students and families a chance to visit the Marshfield Fire Station during its Open House event.

"During that event, students drop off their coloring sheets at the station," said Gaynor. "The open house gives them a chance to walk through the building and do the smoke house stuff to participate in a controlled environment to teach them not to be scared. They get a glimpse of what we train in, along with what the real situations look like, just so we can lessen the panic level. They'll know and remember who the fire department is and know we're there to help them."

In addition to the coloring contest, the Marshfield Fire Protection District will be doing the fire truck drawing, in which students have an opportunity to ride to school in one of the fire trucks.

"This year, we're just getting a list from the school and we're going to do a drawing through all of the students that are registered to go to school through the live classes," said Gaynor. "We'll put their names in a big barrel and draw a name from Hubble and Webster. We'll pick four students from each school and take them to school in the fire truck."

Gaynor said they'll be wearing masks around the students and sanitize the inside of truck for safety purposes. This year's National Fire Prevention Week theme is Serve Up Fire Safety In The Kitchen.

"This year, we have the educational books, sticker sheets and the coloring sheets for the younger students," said Gaynor. "Later this month, we're going to drop off another goodie bag that has a couple things in it and kind of spread it out since we can't hang out with them."

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