During a special meeting Thursday, the Marshfield R-I Board of Education implemented the following guidelines/protocol for its school reopening plan.

The guidelines were developed to help families understand the procedures in place to ensure students can learn in a safe learning environment while maintaining their health. It includes four levels, represented by different colors, including green, yellow, orange and red. It was developed with the help from the Webster County Health Unit, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Missouri Department of Secondary Education (DESE), the Centers for Disease Control and other sources.

"These represent preparedness and four potential levels of operation," said Marshfield R-I superintendent David Steward. "Green is the least restrictive guideline and will continue on daily basis throughout the pandemic. This is how we will operate normally and be able to shift one building or two buildings from green safety protocol to yellow protocol if needed."

If the district is in yellow, it means there will be an increase in restrictions/safety protocols when there is a positive case in school or a spike in the community, but all precaution measures from the green measure and the additional measures will be in place. According to Steward, orange safety measures mean part-time student attendance, with continued increase in restrictions/safety protocols and change in schedule. These additional measures will be in place with a significant number of cases in the district and will be used in order to prevent a school closure.

"Orange would have to include the entire district," said Steward. "It would go to what Springfield School District started with, which is two days seated and three days virtual for everyone."

In red, all buildings will be closed and students will not be on campus, with virtual learning. This measure will be implemented if the district isn't able to operate safely with students on campus.

More on the color guidelines and developments will follow in the Aug. 5 issue of The Mail.

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