A Rogersville man is facing one count of assault in the first degree after getting into a fight with a female victim.

The charges were filed against Uriah Bowman back in April. According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, on April 30, a deputy arrived at a residence in Rogersville, where he made contact with the victim. He observed the victim, who was wet from head to toe with a right ear that appeared to be red and swollen.

According to the statement, the victim said she and Bowman were fighting and she thought he was going to kill her. She explained they were driving down the road towards Panther Creek. The victim said they parked on the road by the creek and Bowman threw a flashlight at her arm. When asked if she got injured from the flashlight being thrown at her, she said she wasn’t sure. The victim showed her arm to the deputy, who observed a bruise below her elbow with a red scabbed-over cut in the middle of it. She proceeded to tell the deputy about Bowman throwing a tape measure at her and said she threw it out the window of the truck.

Bowman told her to get the tape measure and he pulled her out of the car and pushed her down the embankment of the creek, according to the statement. The victim said Bowman started throwing rocks at her and she ran into the creek to try to dodge them. She stated Bowman went down the embankment and pushed her down into the water and held her head underwater. The victim said after stomping on her head with his foot, he let her up and started to carry her to the truck.

According to the statement, Bowman put her down and told her to go find the tape measure. After locating the tape measure, the victim said they both got back into the truck and headed to Hardee’s. She said in the statement she asked Bowman if he would take her back to the house so she could get dry clothes, and he told her he wasn’t going to take her any farther.

After speaking with the victim, the deputy made contact with Bowman, who said the victim went crazy and started hitting him, so he put his arms up to block her from hitting him. According to the statement, the deputy asked Bowman how the victim got the injury to her elbow and he said when they were loading wood on the trailer, she hurt her arm. When asked how she got wet from head to toe, Bowman said it was from walking through the tall grass.

Bowman was placed in custody for assault and transported to the Webster County Jail. His preliminary hearing is set for June 11 at the Webster County Courthouse.

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