A jury trial for a murder case originally scheduled for this week has been moved to February.

The case involved Berton Folsom, Rogersville, who was charged in April 2017 with first-degree murder for killing the boyfriend of his daughter. The shooting reportedly took place at Folsom’s Rogersville residence. According to a probable cause statement from the Rogersville Police Department, police arrived at Folsom’s house on April 9, 2017, where they found a deceased male subject with a gunshot wound to the head. The victim was later identified as William C. Meyer, Springfield.

At the scene, police spoke with the deceased’s girlfriend, who said Meyer was going to leave the residence when she heard a loud pop. She said in the statement that is when Meyer fell into her and collapsed onto the floor. She explained to police she looked back and saw Folsom standing and holding a gun, according to the statement.

Folsom was taken into custody later that day and interviewed at the Webster County Jail, where he admitted to shooting Meyer, according to the statement. He said he, Meyer and Folsom’s daughter had been drinking. Folsom stated his daughter and Meyer had been arguing most of the day. He said in the statement he also got into an argument with Meyer.

According to the statement, Folsom said Meyer went back into the house and Folsom went back inside and was in the kitchen when another argument ensued. Folsom said he told Meyer to leave, and Meyer started arguing with him again. According to the statement, Folsom said he went back into the bedroom and grabbed his pistol and came back into the living room where Meyer was standing. He told police in the statement Meyer stood there yelling at him. Folsom said in the statement he was not upset or even mad, and that he just raised up the gun and shot Meyer.

Folsom’s trial is set for Feb. 25-28 at the Webster County Courthouse.

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