A Marshfield woman is facing charges of domestic assault in the third degree and resisting/interfering with arrest.

Stephanie Marie Wooley was charged with the pair of Class E felonies following an incident at a Marshfield residence.

According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, when the deputy arrived at the residence, he could hear the victim and Wooley arguing. They continued to argue, and the deputy stated he heard the victim say Wooley had hit him.

After asking Wooley to step outside, the deputy spoke to the victim, who said he was trying to go to sleep when Wooley came into the room yelling at him. He said in the statement during the argument Wooley hit him on the face multiple times and scratched his back. The deputy noted in the statement he observed scratch marks on his back, but they did not appear to be fresh and the area around his eyes appeared to be red and swollen. While speaking to the victim, the deputy said Wooley would yell and argue at some of the things the victim said and would try to start arguing with him again despite being told multiple times to stop and wait outside with the other officers.

Following that, the deputy spoke with Wooley, who denied hitting the victim and said they were only arguing. Wooley said in the statement she just wanted to leave. The deputy talked to another witness, who said he didn’t see what happened, but heard them arguing.

According to the statement, Wooley continued to yell and try to start an argument with the victim, even though he wasn’t saying anything to her and they were in separate areas. The deputy told Wooley she was under arrest and told her to place her hands behind her back. He began to place handcuffs on her and she started yelling and making several threats towards the victim. As the deputy placed the first handcuff on her left wrist, Wooley yelled and turned around towards him suddenly, raising her right hand in a manner that made him believe she was about to hit him. Another officer grabbed her right arm and helped him detain Wooley, who struggled and would not let them handcuff her even though she was given multiple commands to stop fighting, according to the statement.

After Wooley was placed in the patrol car, the deputy spoke to another witness, who stated the victim had been trying to go to bed when Wooley went into the room and started yelling at him. She also said in the statement she saw Wooley hit the victim.

Wooley’s hearing has been set for Sept. 24 at the Webster County Courthouse.

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