Craig Thomas

Why I am running for school board

I simply want to become involved and help make good decisions regarding the students, school district, staff and tax payers. Our school is Marshfield’s biggest asset for the quality of life for the community and I want our school to maintain its high standards. I have 3 kids that have graduated MHS and 3 more currently in MHS. I would like to hand them diplomas at their graduation ceremony.

What new initiatives would you like to propose or see enacted?

I don't have any specific initiative to propose except to offer my values, experience and voice for quality staff, leadership and proper facilities for the school district and Marshfield.

What is the biggest obstacle you see for the Marshfield district?

In today's world, even with all the communication methods, transparency and trust from the parents and tax payers can still be a challenge. I pledge to study the issues thoroughly, make informed decisions, and be prepared to share the needs of the district with the public to help this obstacle.

What are your thoughts on the no-tax increase bond issue on the April ballot?

The property owners will be paying the current debt service tax rate for a longer period of time to fund the proposed capital improvements. I am in favor of this proposal. The bonds will fund two big needs for the Hubble campus and traffic problems at the schools. The building addition will satisfy the long overdue problem of the preschool housing, get them out of trailers and serve more kids. It will add extreme weather shelter and resolve the overcrowding for Hubble. New access roads and parking will be installed to greatly improve the traffic mess we experience daily. Now is the right time to issue this important project.

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