Early on at the Marshfield Board of Education meeting Monday, April 16, board members Kim Atkison and Mitch Epsy were sworn in for their positions and the board elected Joey Pate as president, while Curt Weaver was elected to the vice president position. To acknowledge his new position, Pate changed chairs with Amy Wilkerson, the former school board president.

Marta Fraker was appointed board secretary since Christi Mackey will be retiring from her position. Mackey, however, was appointed board treasurer through July. Fraker will work with Mackey for the next three months in that transition.


Superintendent David Steward introduced the first action item, which was to certify the results of the April 3 election.

A list of the results was included in the Marshfield Board of Education meeting packet. According to Steward, once the election results are certified by the board and the Webster County Commission, then the school’s bonding company is able to draw up a Go To Market resolution. He explained the next time the board meets, it would have to approve that resolution, which gives the company authority to issue bonds.

“The company has indicated to me that once they do that they will go fairly quickly,” said Steward during the meeting. “Folks will buy them up fairly quickly. At the next meeting, the school board would have to approve all the different sales that they have lined up. Once that approval is done, it would take us two to three weeks to have money in the bond.”

The board approved unanimously to certify the election results.


Steward discussed the next item about the 2018-19 health insurance plan. Under its current plan, the Marshfield School District pays 100 percent of the base plan that it chooses for its employees. The plan is administered through the Missouri Educator Trust (MET), of which the school district is a member and consists of 83 Missouri districts that act as its own “self-funded” insurance group. According to the presentation given by Steward, 322 of the school’s 342 employees are covered on the district plan (20 employees decline coverage for various reasons). The district’s contribution rate is currently $466.05 per month ($5,592.60 per year).

Steward said the renewal rate factors for 2018-19 were not great, stating the claims-to-premium ratio for the entire consortium was 107.8 percent (last year’s consortium was 106.9 percent). He explained the school district has a significant reserve built up as a consortium, but they cannot dig into that all the time. He added Marshfield R-I's claim ratio is significantly higher than consortium, which means the consortium is losing $44.67 per month, per person insured. Based on these items alone, the renewal rate increase would have been 17.7 percent for 2018-19, which would raise the premium of base plan the school uses from $466.05 to $548.54 per month.

Steward explained other lower renewal options that MET talked about during its annual meeting. It currently uses two Administrative Service Organizations (ASO) to provide management and coverage — Aetna and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. These are chosen by each individual district and Marshfield R-I currently uses Aetna. According to Steward, for renewal, Aetna made no changes and is an 8.4 percent increase, while Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield provided some options that are a 3.4 percent increase. Steward said if the school district stays with Aetna, then it will see an 8.4 percent increase, but if it goes with Anthem, then it has some options that will reduce that 3.4 percent increase. He included a chart of employee selection plan/network options under the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield ASO, which had Option 1 (Blue Access PPO), Option 2 (Blue Preferred PPO) and Option III (Anthem Alliance EPO). The chart also had Aetna with Option 1 (Choice POS II PPO).

After additional discussion, the board approved Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield as the district’s health insurance provider and Option 2 and 3 as the board paid health insurance base plan for the 2018-19 school year at a rate of $481.20 per month, per member; to offer Option 1 as the buy up option; and to offer Health Savings Account option.


• Approved Facilities Agreement as presented by assistant superintendent Mike Henry.

• Approved Blackboard as the district’s new Parent Communication program.

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