A Marshfield man faces three charges against him, in regards to a window-shooting incident June 1.

Joseph Cruse was charged with unlawful use of a weapon (Class B felony), unlawful possession of a firearm (Class D felony) and resisting arrest (Class E felony).

According to a probable cause statement, an officer responded to a report of a shot fired at a residence on East Washington Street in Marshfield. He made contact with the victim, who advised he (the victim) was sitting on his couch when he heard a loud "pop" from outside his front window.

When he got up to investigate, the victim observed what appeared to be a bullet hole in his front living room window. The victim showed the officer the hole in the window, which appeared to be from a gunshot. Following the path of the bullet into the house, the officer observed a hole in the couch approximately six inches from where the victim advised he had been sitting when he heard the pop. The officer moved the couch and observed an exit hole in the back of the couch and an entry hole into the wall directly behind the couch, which had material from the couch stuck into the wall.

The officer removed the material from the couch and observed the bullet in the wall.

A short time later, the officer observed a vehicle park in front of the residence. He spoke to a witness, who wished to remain anonymous.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers arrived at a residence in the 500 block of East Madison. There, they searched for weapons and ammunition. According to the statement, while conducting the search warrant, Cruse refused to follow directions, pulled away from officers and assaulted Chief Doug Fannen by spitting on him. After Cruse was taken into custody, officers located two firearms. One of the firearms, a Ruger SR45, was found under a living room chair.

According to the statement, the magazine from the SR45 appeared to be one round short of full. The shell casing recovered at the residence matched the ammunition found at the scene on East Washington Street. The officer noted Cruse was convicted of firearm theft in Aug. 29, 2019, as well as numerous other felonies.

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