A Marshfield man was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, in regards to an incident that occurred earlier this month.

Rollie D. Christian was charged with Class E felony, after his vehicle allegedly struck another car in Marshfield. In a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, an officer made contact with the operator of a red Chevrolet pickup and positively identified the driver. The driver said he was eastbound on Hubble Drive in Marshfield and as he was nearing the area where Briarwood Drive intersected with Hubble Drive, his pickup was struck by a black passenger car. According to the statement, the driver of the red pickup said he lost control of the vehicle when his pickup was struck, forcing him to leave the roadway and drive into the ditch.

As a result of the accident, the red pickup had what appeared to have more than $1,000 in damage. The driver of the black vehicle fled the scene on foot, according to the statement. Two separate witnesses confirmed the account from the owner of the damaged Chevy. The damages to the vehicle is over $1,000.

On Nov. 5,  the officer spoke with Sergeant Adam Hughes of the Webster County Sheriff's Office,\ regarding a motor vehicle accident from the night before. Hughes informed Burris that one of the parties involved fled the scene. Hughes said that he received word from the Webster County Sheriff’s Office through their investigation of an unrelated incident. They learned the driver who fled the scene was Christian. Hughes said in the statement Christian was supposed to be here in Marshfield over off of South Oak Grove Street, Marshfield, within Webster County.

According to the statement, the officer went over and spoke with the resident there and was informed that Christian was over at a female’s residence on Church Street. The officer said in the statement he knew from prior law enforcement contact that address was in Marshfield, within Webster County. He arrived on scene with Hughes and knocked on the door and was greeted by a female.

The officer explained they were there to speak with Christian. According to the statement, Christian, who was lying on the floor, waved at them and said he was right there. The officer informed Christian that they needed to speak to him and Christian walked out into the breezeway of the apartments. In the statement, Christian asked, “How do you boys wanna do this?” The officer asked Christian if he knew why they were there. Christian said he was pretty sure it was because of the fight that he got into. He said he was in a fight in Seymour with some guy and he did not remember much because he was drunk.

After reading him his Miranda Rights, Christian said he understood, but declined to answer any of the officer’s questions. According to the statement, Christian was transported to the Webster County Jail by Hughes, where he waited for one of the captains to come up and interview him about the case they were working.

At the jail, the officer sat in on an interview with Christian. Present during the interview were Hughes, Christian and the captain. The captain informed Christian that he already knew what had happened, and he told Christian that they were not going to talk about what happened, but that he wanted to talk about what to do to fix the problems that had arisen as a result. According to the statement, the captain said to Christian that he (Christian) knew that the vehicle did not have insurance on it and would be responsible for the accident and all the damages to both vehicles. Christian said yes.

The captain said in the statement that if the victim in other vehicle was there right now, what would he say to him. Christian said, “I tried to stop, man. I tried to turn around. He said he was going to pull his gun, so I took off running. Instincts kicked in.” The captain asked Christian, “You ran because you were scared?” Christian said yes and that the officer asked what happened leading up to the accident. Christian said that he was too drunk to remember.

An arraignment has been set for Tuesday, Nov. 26, at the Webster County Courthouse.

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