A hearing has been set in June for a man facing two felony charges.

Tanner Lyon, Marshfield, was charged with assault (a Class B felony) and armed criminal action.

According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, on May 10, officer Colton Claxton was dispatched to Locust Street in Marshfield in response to shots fired.

Claxton spoke with several witnesses who said they heard two or three gunshots. The witnesses said they saw a Jeep and a brown Ford truck leaving the residence in a big hurry. Claxton arrived at Cox South in Springfield and spoke with a man, who later identified the shooter as Lyon. According to the statement, the man said he saw Lyon leaning up against a Jeep parked in the street. He said Lyon was holding a shotgun in his hand so he approached Lyon to try and disarm him. The man said he and Lyon were wrestling for the gun and the man’s right hand slipped off the gun, and that is when the man got shot. He said in the statement during the struggle Lyon said he was sleeping with his girlfriend. The man told Lyon he had no idea who he was or his girlfriend. When asked by Claxton if he had been dating anybody lately, the man said he has been seeing a woman (later identified as Lyon’s girlfriend) for about a month, according to the statement.

Another witness was interviewed at the hospital. He said in the statement when he arrived at Locust Street he saw the man standing in the street holding his right arm. He took the man to the hospital and on the way there, he heard the man tell him Lyon shot him because he was sleeping with his girlfriend. Lyon was also charged earlier in May with fraudulent use of a credit/debit device, in regards to another incident that happened on May 3.

His hearing will be June 11 at the Webster County Courthouse.

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