A hearing has been set for a Seymour man facing two charges after allegedly attempting to run over his wife.

Robert Steven Vallely was charged with one count of domestic assault (Class B Felony) and armed criminal action, regarding an incident that happened in April. According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, on April 7, deputy Michael Gahman with the Webster County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for service regarding a female who had run up to a house and informed the home owner her husband was trying to run her over.

Upon arrival at the given address, Gahman and another officer made contact with the victim. He observed the victim had severe difficulty breathing and was resting her whole body while sitting against a porch rail. According to the statement, Gahman observed fresh red marks on the victim’s legs and arms as though she had fallen and scratched herself.

First responders arrived and began rendering aid. The victim was able to give some details in between breaths, stating her husband, who she identified as Vallely, had been drinking. She said in the statement they were in the truck and Vallely began being belligerent and reckless with the driving. The victim said she jumped out of the car and at this point Vallely began trying to hit her with the truck. Gahman asked the victim if she was hit by the truck and she began crying and struggling to breathe. She was transported to the hospital for her condition.

According to the statement, Gahman and the other officer were not able to locate Vallely at his residence, but they were able to identify his vehicle driving westbound on Gentry. The officer conducted a traffic stop, but the vehicle failed to yield and turned down Winningham Road. According to the statement, the vehicle eventually stopped and Vallely exited the vehicle, refusing to follow commands given to him.

Upon his arrest, Vallely made a voluntary statement, saying, “What’s going on? The only thing I know that’s been going on is my wife jumped out of my truck and refused to get back in.” Gahman put Vallely in handcuffs and placed his hands in front of his body, due to him having a steel plate in his shoulder, which prevented him from placing his arms behind his back.

Once inside the patrol car, Gahman said in the statement he could smell the odor of alcohol. He noted that a record check of Vallely indicated his driving status is currently suspended out of Missouri.

An additional charge of domestic assault was filed against Vallely in regards to the incident. On April 8, Gahman returned to the residence to make contact with the victim about the case. He saw red marks on her throat and asked her where they came from. The victim said in the statement the night before she was struck with the truck. She said Vallely and her got into a fight after she refused to have sex with him. The victim stated when she tried to leave the residence Vallely came up behind her and began choking her. She went on to say she could not breathe during the encounter and began passing out. According to the statement, the victim said she was able to swing back and hit Vallely in the groin, which caused him to release her. She stated she went outside and began yelling for help, but no one came. The victim said Vallely forced her back into the trailer house they share and continued to yell at her, adding he did try and choke her again, but eventually he went to sleep.

Vallely’s hearing will be June 18 at the Webster County Courthouse.

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