Marshfield Care Center

Jennifer Wilson and Tammy Pilburn with the Marshfield Care Center served as the coordinators of the job fair on Wednesday at the facility.

As coordinators of Wednesday's job fair, Tammy Pilburn and Jennifer Wilson wanted to attract applicants to the Marshfield Care Center.

"We're growing here and we do need more help," said Pilburn.

According to Wilson, they had the idea to have open interviews and hire people on the spot. She said that depending on the position which someone applies for (such as a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse), the ideal candidate would need to be certified or licensed and also be reliable and outgoing with patients, along with passing a background check.

"We do offer a nurse assistant and certified nurse assistant class," said Wilson. "Hopefully soon [a class as well for] certified medication technician. It should be coming within the next couple months."

The requirement for the course includes being a certified nurse assistant for at least six months prior to the class, according to Pilburn. They have instructors who will come into the facility and direct the classes, which are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"We push certified nurse assistant classes in five weeks," said Wilson. “Most places, they only do them in four months. We try to push them pretty quickly so they can get certified and  get their hands-on experience at the same time."

There are currently 62 staff members and about 58 residents at the facility. According to Pilburn, the RN and CNA jobs come with many responsibilities, but it serves as an opportunity to meet the needs of the residents.

"This is a way to give back to the community," said Pilburn. “It's also a way to connect with the residents."

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