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Webster County citizens lining up for drive through testing at the fairgrounds' MFA Agri Services Livestock Pavilion. The next free drive through testing will be held at the fairgrounds Monday Oct. 12 from 9-11 a.m.

The Webster County Health Unit offered free drive-through style COVID-19 testing Sept. 30 at the fairgrounds.

"Early in the pandemic, we partnered with all other healthcare providers in the county, so we have constant testing being provided between the north and south end of the county," said Scott Allen, an emergency health planner with the Webster County Health Unit. "Whether it’s us up here in Marshfield or at the Fordland Clinic, to the south."

With Webster County COVID cases increasing the past few weeks, many citizens lined up to get the free test. "We're just getting slammed with cases coming in, and we need to try to do something to stop the spread to give us some time to get caught up. Then hopefully we’ll have a vaccine soon," Allen said.

While waiting for test results, it’s important to isolate oneself and self-quarantine.

"If somebody is not feeling good, has a high fever, sudden on-set cough, runny nose or sudden loss of taste or smell, self-isolate, get in touch with your provider and get tested," said Allen.

Those in need of a COVID-19 test for any reason can contact the health unit at 417-859-2532 for more information on payment resources and testing locations.

"If somebody has insurance, we bill the insurance to help offset the costs. Some insurances will pay the whole thing, but whatever it is, is accepted and then everything else is written off," he explained.

"Fordland received a grant to help with a lot of their testing and our health unit board has appropriated money from our budget to cover the cost of this."

The next free drive through testing will be held at the fairgrounds Monday Oct. 12 from 9-11 a.m.

"One thing we really want people to understand, is if you feel there's any reason you should be tested  you can be," Allen said. "Some places will only test you if you're symptomatic, but we will test anyone who comes."

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