A Fordland man's case is set for arraignment Monday, in regards to an incident that happened in October.

Ririe Greggory Fields of Fordland was charged with tampering with a motor vehicle and domestic assault in the fourth degree. On Oct. 2, a deputy arrived to a Fordland residence and announced himself several times, but no one answered the door. When he was at the residence, the deputy observed a blue 2014 Ford Focus bearing Missouri license plate. He later made contact with the victim, who said she wanted to talk to him about an incident that had happened between her and Fields. According to a probable cause statement, the victim said she and Fields got into a verbal argument. After yelling at Fields, the victim said Fields grabbed her by the hair and started hitting her. In the middle of the argument, she said Fields grabbed her phone and broke it by throwing it.

After speaking to the victim, the deputy went back to Fields' residence and was able to gain access there. While searching the property, he observed that the Blue Ford Focus that was in the driveway earlier was no longer at the residence.

The deputy located Fields at another residence, after contacting the victim, who gave information about the vehicle so it could be reported as stolen. When he pulled up, the deputy observed Fields walk outside of the residence. Fields went back inside when the deputy told him to present himself. He later spoke with the deputy and said he didn't want to tell the deputy anything about what happened.

While he was placed in custody and put in the back of the patrol vehicle, Fields said he didn't drive to the location, but a friend (who he didn’t want to give the identity of because they didn't have a driver's license) drove him to the residence. According to the statement, the deputy asked Fields where the keys were and he said he didn't know. The deputy later learned from a witness inside the residence that Fields drove there, and he had the keys to the car, along with other items of his sitting on the kitchen counter, but she didn't know where the keys were. The witness said in the statement Fields told her not to answer the door when the deputy knocked on the door.

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