An Elkland man facing a first-degree assault charge appeared for his bond hearing Friday at the Webster County Courthouse.

Danny Joe Hayes was charged with the Class B Felony, after allegedly striking a victim multiple times in the face. The incident occurred on Aug. 17, where a deputy with the Webster County Sheriff's Department spoke to Sgt. Russell of the Springfield Police Department, who said he had Hayes in custody. According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, Sergeant Russell said a roommate at the residence told him Hayes admitted to assaulting the victim. He added when the victim was asked what happened that she would point towards Hayes and say she got into a car wreck.

According to the statement, the Springfield Police Department looked at the car and there wasn’t any damage to the vehicle consistent with it being a car wreck. The department also said they spoke to Hayes, who said he was assaulted by his family and then went back to Springfield. He said in the statement the victim was injured because on her way back to pick him up she swerved to miss a deer and hit her head. Hayes was transported to the Webster County Jail.

During his interview at the jail, Hayes said he had gotten into an argument with other people and they began to fight verbally and physically. He said in the statement the victim left when they all began fighting.

The victim, who was interviewed at the hospital, said Hayes and her went to see someone in the hospital before they went to the residence. She said in the statement Hayes began to drink and became irate and started to fight. The victim stated she left the residence and returned when she received a call telling her to come back and pick Hayes up. On the way back, she said Hayes was driving when he began to strike her in the driveway using the back of his fist.

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