At 3 p.m. Friday, cars slowly made their way into the Marshfield High School student parking lot.

Before their big sendoff at 3:15 p.m., MHS 2020 seniors mingled with friends on their last day of school.

"It's definitely a weird feeling, compared to other years," said senior Taylor Flaro. "Overall, I like what they’re doing and I kind of like this drive-by. I’m thankful and happy for everyone who is willing to do this."

Once the clock reached 3:15 p.m., several teachers and faculty watched from afar, while principal Jeff Curley directed students’ vehicles one at a time from the parking lot.

"This wasn’t anything I organized," said Curley. "Senior Anne Gray was actually the one who asked if they could do this. I said it was OK as long as they maintained social distancing."

Gray said one of her friends sent her a Facebook post of a similar event done at Republic High School. When she saw it, she knew they had to do it.

"We haven't had any closure for the senior class," said Gray. "I thought this is something I can do for us."

Parents waited in front of the Marshfield High School building to see students off, which Gray noted was a nice touch at the end.

"I think this went pretty well," said Gray. "It was great for the parents to come out, and getting to see my friends again for one of the last times. It was really emotional."

Gray made an announcement on her Instagram account about the event, and her friends reposted it, but she tried to spread the word by other social media platforms.

"I wanted to share the event in any way I could," said Gray. "I know not all of the seniors showed up to this, but there was a good number of them here."

Regarding the drive-by, senior Daphne Boggs said, "I'm a little sad, but happy at the same time. It's still nice to see my friends."

Senior Alison Brinkley said, "I finished my last math assignment this morning, and I don't have to take any math classes in college, so it's the weirdest thing ever. Honestly, it was kind of sad. I didn’t think I'd be sad about that or even the last day of school."

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