A dispute on Wednesday led to assault charges for a Marshfield man, after allegedly attacking another man on his way out to a breakfast.

Darren Lee Deckard was charged with assault in the fourth degree.

According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, the victim and his family were leaving their residence to eat breakfast. The victim said their landlord, Deckard, pulled in behind him and blocked the driveway, so he could not leave. The victim said in the statement Deckard got out of his vehicle, yelling at him to get out of the truck. He said he shut the door and tried to lock it, but Deckard opened the door and tried to pull him out.

According to the statement, the victim yelled at the female with him to shut the door to the house and lock it because their three-year-old son was inside. He said Deckard took off running towards the house, so he (the victim) ran after him. The victim said Deckard turned around, grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him back. In the statement, the victim noted he went to stop Darren again, but Deckard grabbed him again and started swinging punches at him. Another female with the victim took video of the incident, so Deckard got in his car and left.  

The victim admitted in the statement he was behind on rent, but it gave Deckard no right to get into the house. He said Deckard would be by on Friday to inspect the house, not today. The female with the victim and another witness confirmed his testimony with the officer.

According to the statement, the  officer asked the victim to show him the video from the female's phone. He observed Deckard running towards the house and the victim trying to run after him. He also noticed Deckard turning around and pushing the victim back. According to the statement, the officer saw Deckard make it to the front door when the female shut it. In the video, when the female opened the door, the officer observed Deckard swing his fist at the victim, who was on the ground at Deckard's feet. The officer noticed Deckard leave the front porch and the victim getting back on his feet.

Deckard is being held on $1,000 bond.

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