Marshfield got closer to an annexation of the city’s fire department by the Marshfield Fire Protection District following a property transfer agreement at the Sept. 26 meeting of the Marshfield Board of Aldermen.

The parties forged a pre-annexation interlocal agreement to give the fire station at 254 E. McVay St., Marshfield, to the district when annexation occurs.

The agreement calls for the city to relinquish the land where the fire department is located within 90 days of annexation. The transfer of land includes areas currently used for firefighter parking, landing zone access and the landing zone itself.

The agreement specifies that the city will maintain the right of first refusal to purchase the building and property in question, should it no longer be used as a fire station in the future.

In other infrastructure-related business, Spencer Jones of Great River Engineering displayed core samples from the Marshfield square. The company collected eight cores collected to full depth and six pavement cores. The samples suggest a need to mill and fill where adequate.

Jones suggested spending future money not on coring but on cost estimates for two options: one for mill and fill with subgrade stabilization and one for mill and fill with overlay.

The city leaders also heard a presentation about dark fiber from Sho-Me Technologies representative Matt Arthur.

The city is interested in creating a ring of dark fiber for its properties, including a new city hall building on the Marshfield square. Arthur shared four options, ranging in price from $3,000 to approximately $288,000, plus monthly fees.

Dark fiber refers to fiber optic cable that is already laid and ready for future use.

No action was taken, and the board thanked Arthur for the information he provided.

In other business, the board …

• Asked staff to bring back costs of repairing cracks in the pool deck by scraping, blowing and filling them, rather than having them cut out and repaired.

• Updated a portion of city code related to occupational licenses.

• Awarded two water system improvement contracts to CMT to replace well houses and water mains (Contract 1) and water tanks (Contract 2). They also awarded a contract for a bypass elimination project to Branco Enterprises.

• OK’d a caterer’s license for Boat Town Brewing for the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, held Saturday.

• Approved the final plat of Destiny Subdivision.

• Passed an ordinance amending the Marshfield City Code to regulate uses of Business 1 zoning districts, and also passed an ordinance regulating food trucks.

• Amended the city budget and approved all expenditures except those related to the aquatic center. The budget amendment reflects cost savings to the budget and updated park fund revenues.

• Postponed a cyber insurance coverage discussion until the next meeting.

• Decided to turn over industrial park sign maintenance to GRO Marshfield.

The next meeting of the board will be this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Marshfield City Hall.

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