Two men are facing assault charges after getting involved in a tumble at a bar.

Logan Rozell, Marshfield, and Jason Sage, Strafford, were charged with assault (Class B felony) regarding an incident that happened in June.

According to a probable cause statement from the Webster County Circuit Court, a deputy was dispatched to look for Rozell and Sage on June 25 in response to an assault call. The deputy arrived at Sage’s residence and made contact with him. According to the statement, Sage first told the deputy he and Rozell went to a bar. As they were walking in, Sage said Rozell hit a man twice and that was all that happened. When the deputy informed him of the bar’s surveillance video, Sage went on to explain what happened. He said in the statement as they were walking into the bar, the man held the door open for them. Sage said Rozell hit the man, causing him to fall back towards Sage and he shoved the man back to Rozell. Sage said that was when Rozell hit him a second time, knocking him unconscious. According to the statement, Sage said Rozell had a “beef” with the man because he did a tattoo for Rozell and then he went to Rozell’s grandma, trying to collect $100 for Sage.

Sage stated after the man was knocked out and lying on the ground, Rozell hit him twice in the face to settle the dispute. He said in the statement he had heard the man was carrying a gun and was not going to get shot. Sage said Rozell felt around the man to try and locate the gun, but he did not find it. He noted Rozell took a knife off the man and stuck it in the ground away from him. When asked, Sage said he took keys from the man and gave them to Rozell, who then went through his vehicle to try and find the gun. Sage stated if Rozell found the gun he was going to throw it in the dumpster, but they did not find it.

According to the statement, the deputy went to Rozell’s address but wasn’t able to see the house due to the long driveway. As he was sitting at the end of the driveway, he observed a male walking down the drive towards his patrol car. He was able to identify the male as Rozell.

According to the statement, Rozell said he knew why the deputy was there and that he did not mean for it to happen. After being read his Miranda rights, Rozell told the deputy he would speak to him regarding what happened. He said in the statement as he was walking to the front door of the bar, the man (as mentioned in Sage’s statement) was walking out and held the door open for him. Rozell said in the statement as he was walking by, the man shoved him in the side with both hands. Rozell stated he snapped and hit the man in the face. He said he doesn’t remember anything except for hitting the man and stopping after he saw him bleeding. When asked by the deputy to be more detailed about the incident, Rozell again stated the man opened the door for him, shoved him and that is when he hit the man. Rozell said the man was knocked out and he climbed off of him after the second punch when he saw the blood.

Rozell and Sage had bond reduction hearings on Tuesday at the Webster County Courthouse.

The incident took place at the Dogwood Tavern.

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