Every spring, fifth-grade students create canvases, as part of an annual project organized by Shook Elementary's art department.

The paintings are sold in an auction, which is held in April during Shook Night of the Arts, but due to COVID-19, they weren’t able to host it last spring. However, there’s still a chance for community members to obtain last year’s paintings, according to Ray Fryman, art teacher at Shook Elementary School.

"We have utilized an online source to host last year’s paintings and are actively selling paintings this week and next," said Fryman.

For the project, Fryman said he has students explore artwork from different Missouri artists. Each painting is studied and painted by groups of fourth-and-fifth-grade students.

"There was no artist study this year," said Fryman. "The primary objectives for the students this year was to paint accurately and simulate textures of the animals they were given while reading and recreating from observation."

The 11th annual Art Auction will be the first online auction, according to Fryman, who added this auction will be available to anyone who wants to support the fifth-grade students.

"Each item up for auction was painted with acrylics on 30"x40" canvas," said Fryman. "Every painting is gallery thickness at an inch and a half deep! These amazing displays of art were hand painted by a group of 5th grade students from their respective classes totaling 60 paintings!"

All proceeds go directly to the art department to enhance the educational opportunities for every student at Shook Elementary. Go to www.biddingowl.com/Auction/home.

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