Richard and Shirley Peters will share the celebration of their 68th wedding anniversary with their family, including, from left, daughter Christine, granddaughter Angie and great-granddaughter Ashley, holding great-great-grandson Knolan.

Richard and Shirley Peters, originally from Morgan, Missouri, and Moline, Illinois, respectively, were married in 1950. They moved to Marshfield from the Quad Cities in 1991, after Richard retired from the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) and Shirley retired from Sears. They joined St. Paul’s Lutheran Church that same year, and have been loyal members, as well as church and community volunteers, ever since.

Shirley was a lead on the committee that raised funds to help build the pavilion at the Marshfield Cemetery. The project was completed in 2002. For a period of 12 years, 2005-2017, Richard and Shirley helped with the delivery of food to Massey Hill Park residents.

A year ago, they celebrated the arrival of the fifth generation of their family. Daughter Christine, granddaughter Angie and great-granddaughter Ashley were joined by great-great-grandson Knolan, born March 9, 2017.

In honor of their anniversary, daughter Christine Peters Kilpatrick, Fayetteville, North Carolina, wrote the following poem.

How do you keep a man down on the farm? You can’t

By Christine Peters Kilpatrick

He left the small farm after high school,

    taking with him what he had learned.

Just a lot of hard work and a Bible;

    Unknown roads with many a turn.

He met her in a big city,

    on a day that change both of their lives.

They said their I Do’s together,

    and then became husband and wife.

Sixty-eight years they’ve been together,

    five generations on paper you see.

However, that’s not all of their children,

    Just ask them and smiles you’ll see.

They will tell you it wasn’t that easy;

    it was ‘love’ that guided their way.

Just a lot of hard work and a Bible;

    What more can anyone say?

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