After such a wet and stormy week, it was good to have sunshine on Sunday morning. Church attendance was down, but those who were there sang with gusto and enjoyed the sermon on the Joy of worship that joins heaven and earth. It was great to hear that when we sing praises, the angels in heaven sing along with us.

SEERS teens are having a car wash on May 18 in Conway at the building across from Yogi’s Pizza. Come and get your car cleaned and buy a ticket for the new barbecue with a $100 gift certificate. There will be a second drawing for a quilt that was donated by the Rader Helping Hand Club. The car wash will start at 9 a.m. and end at 2 p.m., when there will be drawings for the barbecue and the quilt. Support our teens and help them get to the National Youth Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Leona Medlock, Bertha Terry and Marjorie Welch could not get across Welch’s Bridge to go to Morgan for lunch on Saturday. Instead, they went around on Nations Drive, where they encountered Dale Caffey filling in the holes and gullies in his driveway so he could get out and go to town.

The quilters may be dismayed on Wednesday when they find out that Leona may not have her new stove and so will not be able to bring a loaf of her fresh bread for lunch. While she was making cakes and pies for the bake sale, the oven started to make a hissing sound. She waited until all her baking was done before turning it off for good. She is scheduled to get a new stove, but she is not sure when it will get installed. Last-minute news — Greg and Adam installed a new stove for Leona this afternoon!

Last Sunday there was a real round-up in downtown Rader. It seems a small herd of calves came walking across the bridge to the Rader Store. Peggy Rader called Roger Mepham, thinking his calves were out. The guys came in trucks and four-wheelers to move the calves back into the field but found out they were not his herd. They did get them gathered and into a field across the street. Then they began the calling around to see who was missing critters. It turned out they belonged to a family about half a mile or so up ZZ. They came with a bucket of goodies, and those onery calves turned meek and mild and just followed the folks back toward home. I am so glad it all ended well. 

The Chattering Chicks met at the Steak and Shake in Lebanon for lunch on Friday morning. Barbara Rosenthal, Becky Maroney and Kay Jones were the first to arrive, followed by Jim and me, Betty Stokes and Barb Medlock and then Patsy Boyd and Mary B. Powell. It was definitely a talkative bunch with topics from quilting, religion and politics to how good the burgers were. I don’t think there was a quiet moment except when Mary said a prayer. Our next meeting will be June 7 at the new Burger King in Marshfield. 

This week, happy birthday wishes go out to Oshean Pedersen, Haven Wade, Joe Medlock, Chris Hyde, Garrett Medlock, Levi Hoban, Adaliea Rader, Lucas Goss, Harold Shinsato, Sr., and Kayla Grier.

Count your blessings and have a wonderful week. 

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