Mill Holler Day is coming to Rader in a couple of weeks. Make sure your blue shirt is clean!

It has been a very busy week, though I am not sure a lot of it is newsworthy. Barb Medlock had a birthday and was so happy to have all of her children give her a call. They are kind of spread out around the country. CJ and Steven Becker (her grandchildren) came and went to church with her. Afterward they went to the Rocking Chair and daughter Stacy met them for lunch. Starla was home taking care of a sick grandchild so she could not attend.

It was great to see so many at church on Sunday morning. At Eureka Methodist, Dennis Mace provided some special music.

Leona Medlock, Bertha Terry and Marjorie Welch had a leisurely lunch at Morgan Store on Saturday morning.   

Dale Caffey spent much of last Wednesday and Thursday working on the parking lot at Immanuel Lutheran. The hot weather definitely was a problem, but Dale and another fellow worked scooping up all those rocks out of the parking area and then covered it with something that provided a more firm base. It is definitely a blessing for those with walkers, canes or in wheelchairs. Thank you both.

Little Sophia seems to be doing all right in her wheelchair. She was playing with the dog last week and fell off the porch, breaking her leg.  

Bob Doing, Dale Caffey, Kathryn McGovern and Pastor Burge attended a Shared Ministry conference in Springfield last week and all three reported on what they had learned. There will be more on that information at the October voters meeting.    

Saturday will be the annual Quilters Picnic at the Terry Lodge. All Raderites are invited. Dora Lee Reid and Dixie Leonard are providing hot dogs and buns, but we rely on the rest of you to bring all the other things that go with a picnic. Come as early as you like but the plan is to say Grace and start eating at 5 p.m. 

Pray for healing for Joe Medlock, Twyla’s sister, Ann Triplett, Lewis Rader, Olive Sauer, Kelly Shaffstall, John Anacone, Zane, Sophia Ingersoll, Keith Jackson, and Susan Case.  

Happy anniversary to Terrell and Beverly Vestal. Birthday wishes go out to Elydia Rader, Pauline Hendrix, Jade O’Neal, Ben Reid, Wilma Bentley, Jim Day, Cayte Nutt, Lillian Shinsato, Marianne Watson, Bramleigh Medlock, Jeff Jensen, Linda Davis, Mike Perryman, MJ Perryman, Paul Wiklson, Maddie Henson, Ellie Henson, Carson Keesling, Jr Taylor, Betty Stokes and Edgar Buttram. 

I was pleased to see that our hens have given us five baby chicks this week. I count that as a special blessing. I hope you each enjoy some special blessings this week. God bless the USA!

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