Notice to all Chattering Chicks: The Next Red Hat meeting will be July 12 at 11:30 a.m. at Jordan’s in Strafford. 

Pastor James Troyke was guest pastor at Immanuel Lutheran in Rader this Sunday morning. His Sunday school message was “I Cannot Tell a Lie, But I Sure Can Exaggerate!” It was a fun way to learn what Biblical people told lies and what happened to them. The sermon was on “The Fruit of the Spirit.” He demonstrated by using a bowl of fruit which was consumed at the potluck after church. One bowl with many different kinds of fruit, so the Holy Spirit gives us many gifts for each person. As fruit must start small, then grow and ripen before it can really be useful, so we must nurture the gifts we are given and make them useful in our world.

The potluck after the service was  delicious; thank you to Star and Reggie Terry, Sondra Caffey, Kathryn McGovern, Mary Rader, Kathryn Langdon and any others who helped with the set-up and clean-up. 

The Adult Inquirer Class will meet on July 14, immediately after the church service. The Adult Bible study will be starting the book of Micah, so read that before next Sunday. 

If you are wanting a way to cool off on July 13, the Conway Catholic church is hosting their annual ice cream social from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. If you have never been there, I urge you to give it a try.

Birthdays this week: Jackie Stanley, Reece Caffey, Scott Moulder, Angie Henry, Janice Welch, Lenora Lowery, Lori Hyde, Chelsey Medlock, Andrew Hert, Kendall Bybee, Leann Essary, Megan Medlock, Dakota Shaver, Lisa Roddewig and Austin Davidson.

On July 12, David and Olive Sauer will celebrate 50 years of marriage. Congratulations to them. This weekend they had friend Linda McLaughlin visit them. She is from Bonners Springs, Kansas.

Nina Walke picked up Barb Medlock and they went to Eureka Methodist this morning. They had an all-music service led by Shelby Corle and Clydine Pailette and her trusty guitar. Piper Corle sang “Do Lord” for the special music. The Rader churches combine for vacation Bible school, and this year it will be at Eureka Methodist on Wildwood Road. VBS will be July 14-17.

Barb Medlock was relieved that Jay came and mowed her lawn this weekend. With the warm sunshine and lots of rain, it was getting pretty long. Bridgette and Barb took off for town on Friday and ended up at the Miller Farm getting great big blackberries.

Betty Terry and Linda Davis visited Rodney and Marta Terry this week. They then went to the restaurant at Grove Springs and were able to visit with Travis and Beth Buttram and their two grandsons. Leona Medlock picked up Marjorie Welch and Bertha Terry on Saturday morning, and they went to Morgan for lunch. 

There has been a rash of break-ins and theft in the Rader area lately. If you are going anywhere, please lock the doors and report unusual vehicles where they should not be. Thieves are taking large TVs, tools, jewelry and cash along with several other items. 

It promises to be a busy week with many getting company, parades, barbecues and countless other activities. Watch the weather reports and be prepared. 

Everyone have a wonderful July 4, and may God bless America!

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