The Rader Red Hat Chattering Chicks converged on the Marshfield Burger King around 11:30 a.m. on Friday. Members present were Peggy Rader, Barb Medlock, Betty Stokes, Jim and Diane Whitwer, Patsy Boyd, Mary Powell and guest Ellen Skinner. Ellen went to school with Betty Stokes. It seems that the Whopper Burger was the choice of several of the gals. Guest Ellen ordered healthy and had a big salad. Everyone compared their garden successes and discussed the weather, the pets and plants and what was happening in their respective families. On July 12, we will be traveling to Jordan’s Restaurant in Strafford. That is located in the Harter House parking lot.

Saturday morning Leona Medlock picked up Marjorie Welch and Bertha Terry and they went to brunch at the Morgan Store and Cafe. Later Saturday evening those same gals joined about 60 others at the Eureka Family Center for a big fish fry. Pastor Brian and several others worked the deep fryers and had crappie and some spoonbill along with potatoes getting a golden brown. Inside the gals had set up salads and desserts. It was delicious and many complained about eating too much. The Helping Hand Quilters want to thank Pastor Brian and the Eureka congregation for supplying them with fish for their lunch on Monday. Marjorie Welch brought a green salad and Betty Terry brought the fried potatoes that were left over from Saturday evening. Leona brought a fresh baked loaf of bread to quilting.

Sunday the Immanuel morning service families celebrated the confirmation of Braeden Pedersen, Adalela Rader and Garrett Yelvington. They are now communicant members and had their first communion. After the service there was cake and beverages. We pray that the Holy Spirit will nurture and sustain them throughout their lives. Thank you, Hannah, for lighting the candles for the service.

On Saturday, the Seers will be holding a Fun Fishing Day and Fish Fry at the Terry Lodge. There will be drawings throughout the day for prizes and also a drawing for a TV. Adult admission is $7 and children under 12 are admitted free. Need directions? Drive from Niangua down F Highway for about six miles. Turn left at the sign by Betty Terry’s and go through the gate and across the field to the lodge. Come and bring friends. The kids will have a blast with games, food and fishing, and the adults can enjoy the afternoon. It starts at noon and ends at 5 p.m. 

On Sunday, June 23, after the morning service Pastor Burge is starting an Adult Inquiry Class. If you have any questions about Lutheran teachings and practices, this is something you should plan to attend. If you just need a little review, this will work for you, too. 

Thursday the Baptist Women’s luncheon will be held in Conway. The opening prayer will be right at noon. 

Happy birthday to Ben Pyle, Raemie Tindall, Reggie Terry, Gary Hendrix, Sandy Vestal and Kayle Brisbois. Happy anniversary to Lewis and Peggy Rader.

I have received a few reports about persons having to go to ER because of severe reactions to tick bites. They can lead to serious diseases, so check yourself carefully if you have been out enjoying the sunny weather where there are high weeds and grasses or overhanging trees.

Count your blessings and have a great week. 

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