The nine gals at quilting on Monday had surprise guests for lunch. Pastor Robert Knapp from St. Paul’s in Marshfield, Pastor Richard Meyer from Our Savior in Buffalo and our own Pastor David Burge were having a meeting upstairs and came downstairs to join the ladies at noon. We had fried fish and chips, a corn casserole, fresh-baked bread and salad, along with pie and fudge brownies for dessert.

Wednesday was a busy quilting day, but some of the gals had doctor’s appointments. It must have been a change in air pressure because there was not a lot of chatter going on. That is unusual!

On Thursday about 50 gals attended the Baptist Women’s lunch in Conway. There was a lot of chatter there, and the food was delicious. Ellen Skinner played the piano while Martha Marlin sang a beautiful song of praise. We were also entertained by Clydine Pailette and Marlene Prater playing guitars and Barbara Hargus singing. If the songs were familiar, many in the group sang along. We were given memory or blessing pouches to pass along to friends and family. These are tiny little purse-like cloth bags in which you write a Bible verse or some compliment and pass it along to another. They then write something else and continue to pass it on. 

On Friday there were many homes with the American flags proudly displayed in honor of Flag Day. Saturday morning, Leona Medlock, Sondra Caffey and I spent some time boxing cookies to hand out to fathers on Sunday morning. After that, Leona Medlock picked up Marjorie Welch and Bertha Terry for their excursion to the Morgan Store for lunch. The rest of us joined more than three dozen families that had gathered at the Terry Lodge for a Teen Fish and Fun day. Fishing poles were provided for the kids and the squeals of delight were frequent as little ones caught fish and proudly held them up for photos. Every half-hour Star Terry would ring a big bell and a door prize was drawn. In the meantime there were lots of games being played, and adults and kids were munching on deep-fried fish, fries, watermelon and beverages. The Seers kids, Reggie and Starr Terry and John and Twyla earned $900 toward their trip to the National Youth Convention in Minnesota, which is scheduled for next month. 

Sunday morning Adele Burge surprised her father, Pastor David Burge, by coming from Springfield to Rader Immanuel to hear him preach. We all enjoyed meeting her, and it was fun to see Pastor’s smile when he saw her sitting there. 

Olive Sauer is recuperating from her surgery and David is doing his best to make sure she gets a lot of rest.  She is not always so willing to just sit down and take it easy. David left her alone only briefly and on return found her washing rugs! Of course he took over the task and ordered her back to the chair.

Next Sunday Pastor Burge will be starting an adult class for those who have questions about Lutheran teachings and practices. It will be great for those who just want a refresher course, too. If you would like to become a member of Immanuel, this is a good way to get started. Class will be held right after the morning service, which begins at 10.

Angie Day, Joe O’Connor, Chanler Higbee, Tyler Kays, Pam Keesling, Michelle DeWeese, Jacob Roddewig, Leia Rader and Susan Russell will be celebrating birthdays. Next Sunday Eureka Methodist will have a song fest led by Clydine  Pailette. It will also be Communion Sunday. Rader VBS will be at Eureka Methodist this year on July 14-17. All children are invited to attend, and others are welcome to come and help out the teachers and kitchen staff. 

I know that many of our local families had company in over the weekend as children came home to hug Dad on Father’s Day. I do hope you honored your own father as well as your heavenly Father on Sunday,

Have a very blessed week. 

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