Mill Holler Day is coming to Rader on Oct. 13. I am telling you early enough so you can set aside your nickels and dimes and make sure your blue shirt is clean! 

No one knows exactly when Adam and Delpha Rader started Mill Holler Days, but Leona Medlock recalls back in 1971 when they called the whole family together at the big house on Orchid Road for a potluck dinner. Everyone went to church. Many went to Immanuel in Rader before heading to the Adam Rader home. 

After the huge family was stuffed and the dishes cleaned up (they used no paper plates back then), they all jumped on the hay wagon for a ride. Leona couldn’t go because she was expecting a baby at any moment! The horses headed in the direction of Morgan but took a right turn just passed Welches Bridge and went along the river a ways and pulled over. Everyone jumped off the wagon and walked up to Mill Holler Cave. They all had blue T-shirts so it is sometimes referred to as Blue Shirt Sunday. 

Delpha had saved her dimes all year long and Velma collected nickels for a special offering at what was then called Rader Church. This offering was used for some particular item or project the church was saving for. The following year it seemed that everyone had saved nickels and dimes for the special offering and it continues still today. The Rader families recommend what project the collected funds should go toward.  

This year Mill Holler Day is Oct. 13. Save your nickels and dimes. If you have a Rader in your past, or even if you don’t, wear a blue shirt to church on that Sunday. This will be the first year that the dinner will be in the Immanuel church basement around 1 p.m. There will still be the hay ride after everyone has eaten. Immanuel church in Rader starts at 10 a.m., and you are all invited to attend.  

On Tuesday morning I had carpel tunnel surgery. I took the huge wrap off on Saturday and find four purple lines of stitches. It is sore, but feeling a whole lot better than before. It is a little difficult to type, but here is the week’s news.  

I was hostess on Wednesday for the Helping Hand Club business meeting. Thankfully, I just brought the food, and Peggy and Marjorie and several others jumped in and got everything served in grand style and cleaned up afterward. Several thank you notes were read, and the treasurer’s report was given. The club finished one large and one baby quilt since the last meeting and two baby quilts were sold. It was announced that the Club picnic would be moved from the Terry Lodge to the home of Star and Reggie Terry on F highway. Linda made a wonderful sign for the driveway. Connie will be hostess for September. The bake sale will be Sept. 7 at the Morgan store from 7:30 p.m. until we run out of baked goodies. Get your special orders called in to the Morgan Store this week.

Kathryn Langdon won the door prize and Barb Medlock and Patsy Boyd received birthday gifts from their secret pals. The club photo was taken after the meeting. It will be on the cover of the 2020 calendars. Call Leona Medlock at 589-3988 if you would like to order one. The next meeting will be Sept. 18, starting at noon. 

This week Nina Walke tripped and fell while carrying a cake. She was badly bruised on her face and arms, but thankfully nothing was broken and she saved the cake! Betty Stokes remains in Mercy hospital as of the time of this writing. We sure hope she is able to come home by the end of the week.    

Leona will be skipping out of quilting early on Monday as her cousin Barbara Peters will be coming from California for a visit to Rader. The ladies will be going to lunch at the Morgan Store. There they will be joined by Janie and Pattie Peters from Lebanon, Juanita Randolph, Linda Cooper and Anita Pendergrass from Springfield, Shirley Reid from Morgan and Dixie Leonard and Leona Medlock from the Rader area.  I was told others may join them, but no one is sure how many would end up at the table. The gals are hoping for nice weather so they can eat outside.

Leona Medlock, Bertha Terry and Marjorie Welch did get to Morgan for Brunch on Saturday before coming to the Helping Hand Club picnic at the Terry home. We were just four shy of having 50 people, and the weather was perfect. The kids played games and the adults just visited, and some got a tour of the home. Even our two new foreign exchange students were there. Nairi Bumiputra is a 15-year-old gal from Thailand and Jack Baraya is also 15 but he is from Nigeria. There was lots of food and it was delicious. Thank you, Reggie and Star, for having everyone over for a grand picnic.  

Larry and Kathryn Langdon went to the 1962 class reunion. They met at the Christian Church in Conway on Saturday. There were 13 classmates present. With spouses, there were 23 people in all. Everyone visited and enjoyed snacks, a variety of desserts and homemade ice cream. The reunion next year is planned for Aug. 23.  

Scott Moulder returned safely from a business trip to Cincinnati. At Eureka Methodist Piper Corle and Jensen Burns sang “Jesus Loves Me.” 

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League will be meeting at Immanuel next Sunday at 6 p.m. in the church basement.  

Happy anniversary to James and Jade O’Neal. Birthday greetings to Mary Rader, Larry and Gary Langdon, Missy Medlock, Jayson Edwards, Dawson Carle, Zachary Brisbois, Debbie Ginnings, Machelle Reid, Scott Reid and David Hert.  

Count your blessings and have a wonderful week.

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