Fall is the feeling in the air for this week — high in the 70s, low in the 60s with plenty of rain to go with it in most places. Guess you couldn’t ask for more , except less humidity. I think I have seen two or three fogs so far in August.  Keep your eyes out for them. Remember, how many fogs is how many snows we’ll get, as the saying goes. Not too many days left in this month.  

Conway Schools are busy with all the students and activities. Hope the kids make the most of this school year for their sakes in the later years . 

Conway Community Days is just a little over two weeks away on Sept. 13-14.

Sure was a very large crowd attending Laclede Electric Annual Meeting last Friday evening at the Cowan Civic Center. You could hardly stir them with a stick, as the saying goes. It was hard to spot your friend or neighbor at any time in passing through.

Happy birthday is wished for my grandson and great-grandson, Kelby Rader on the 24th and his son Maverick Rader on the 25th. The boys’ (Maverick and McCoy’s) new little sister Magnolia is just two weeks old now. Also, my Friend Irma Pender’s birthday was on the 20th. 

Jim Officer had a run in with his cattle, and we hope there were no broken bones and hope he is getting better. Get well soon. 

Jack Stevens didn’t last long from the time Evonne passed! Our sympathy and thoughts are with your families, Danny and Dale and all close to the families. He was well known and loved by all. He had never strayed very far from his raisin’ around Conway. Another well known and loved man, Bill Holliday, also passed. Our sympathy is extended to these families also, including Betty, Rick and Tresa and rest of the family. Our prayers are with you all during this difficult time. 

Dave Perryman and the Country Revue had a Great Successful day at the Missouri State Fair at Sedalia last weekend. It was hot weather for music in an outdoor tent, but they made a lot of new friends and will be going back next year!  Dave and Lois McAllister and Mary Sakelaris and her best friend Margie went to the fair to cheer the band on. Cleo Tuck was another fan who was able to come by and enjoy the music for a bit. 

Trey Perryman and Zane Wood were able to steal a few hours in between the shows to ride some rides and try all the fair food. Fair food is always different than what you get any other time in the year. Everyone had a really great time and is looking forward to next year when they may get to stay two days.

Next dates for the Country Revue are Aug. 28-30, Le Mars, Iowa, Music Festival; Aug. 31, Billings Fair from 8 to 10 p.m.; Sept. 6 at Elks Lodge in 

Springfield; Sept. 7 at Hughes Center in Lebanon. 

Blessings to all until next week!

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