Summertime temperatures are still hanging in there for the time being, and rains and flooding are still in the news. Hurricane season is starting, and the news said several hurricanes are predicted maybe. Winds coming from both directions will make for a stormy summer in the Midwest. Time will tell.

The Red Hats will meet this Friday at Burger King in Marshfield. Retired Teachers met Friday at the Rocking Chair.

Three different classes from Conway held their reunions at the Rocking Chair last Saturday at noon. Members of the Class of 1967 who were present include Glenna (Barrett) Vestal, Ireta (Shaddy) Long, Lloyd Gunter, Jim Cook and wife, Gary Howerton, Richard Gourley and Chester Dame. The 1961 class was there also, and I’ll include their names next time. From the 1956 class, present were Rex and Bonnie Luallin, David and Ruth (Willis) Wissbaum, Dorothy Deckard, Nellie (Johnson) Lawson, Kenneth and Shirley (Webster) Larimore, Lynn Neal and wife, Herman and Donna (Addison) Schultz, Deorseal (Earls) and Barbara (Vincent) Rosenthal. All had a good time remembering the happenings of school days back in 1952-56. We recalled some things some remembered and others didn’t. We will meet next year on June 6, a Saturday.

The Dave Perryman Band will play on June 7 at the Elks Lodge on Bennett in Springfield, on June 8 at the Conway Community Building and on June 20 at the Baker Spain Stampede in Greenfield.

Blessings to all until next week.

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