Missouri Sheriff’s United Resolution

Be it now resolved that the Missouri sheriffs are individually elected by the people and are held

accountable by the people of Missouri.

Further the sheriffs of Missouri are representatives of the people to enforce law and uphold the

constitution. Therefore, the sheriffs are to also help report information to and educate the state

legislators in law enforcement and constitutional matters.

Therefore, take note that, Missouri sheriffs are United in the following beliefs:


We believe that dangerous lifetime career criminals are being let out into the streets against judge’s

orders, (reference RSMo 558.019 & 558.011 – Minimum Prison Terms).

Further lifetime and career criminals are endangering the citizens of our state by being kept under the

supervision of Probation and Parole instead of being returned to prison after multiple legal and technical


We believe the consequences of this are unconstitutional, secretive, and very dangerous to our

community. We believe that justice is Truth-In-Sentencing.

We believe that the federal government observes Truth-In-Sentencing. The county government

observes Truth-In Sentencing. The city governments observe Truth-In-Sentencing. However, the State

of Missouri honors no such legal precedent.

We believe that the judge and jury are the only ones who hear all the admissible evidence from the

defendants and victims alike. Therefore, the judge and the jury are the only ones who should decide

which punishment is fair and righteous based on the law and the merit of the evidence after proper due

process is established.

We believe that justice is the appropriate response to a specific behavior. We believe a small criminal

violation should receive a small punishment to “justify” the behavior of the accused. We also believe a

large criminal violation should receive a large punishment to “justify” the behavior of the accused.

Without “justifying” the actions of the law violator, that person cannot stand justified in eyes of his or

her community. They have not paid their debt to society, and the victims of the bad behavior cannot

receive “just” compensation without that fully served response.

We believe an attack on Truth-In-Sentencing is an attack on the law itself. As it purposely undermines

the order of the court.

We believe that once a person has been “justified” in their actions, they are to be forgiven by society

and sanctions should end after they are completed. We believe sanctions should not be held over their

head forever (without legislation with just cause).

We believe, for example, that if a person only serves 30% of his or her ordered commitment that 70% of

justice was not served.

We believe that the best way to prevent crime is to appropriately justify past crimes.

We believe that all individuals will think twice before committing a crime, after seeing other citizens

adjudicated “justly”.

We believe judge’s orders must be followed. And that all foundations of the republic are lost when

justice is not fully served.

We believe it unconscionable that a legislative body would undermine justice of our victims and citizens

of this state by minimizing the orders of a court.

We believe the Department of Corrections (The Board Probation and Parole) cannot and have not heard

the entire evidence, or seen the evidence presented in the original trial and therefore should not be

making the decisions as to the amount of time served by a convicted person.

We believe the Department of Corrections should not decide how long a person is in their custody. The

D.O.C. warden should correct the behavior and ways of an inmate while the inmate is in custody.

We believe Probation and Parole should not decide how long a person is under their supervision, but

instead make sure the parolee follows all laws and rules, as the parolee prepares to return to society.

We believe Probation and Parole officers are forced to release persons from supervision before the

court order time and restitution has been completed. We believe this is unconstitutional.

We believe the Missouri legislators should set the ranges of punishment for specific crimes, but not

undermine those same ranges through minimum sentences like RSMo 558.019, RSMo 558.011 and


We believe the Missouri legislators should set the ranges of punishment for specific crimes, and then

fund the execution of the punishments and not to undermine the governing courts authority by failing

to honor the Truth of the Sentence.

We believe if the judge and the jury heard the evidence, they should decide the measure of justice

within the legislators original authorized terms (and not later amended minimum terms).

We believe the above listed facts are a threat to the safety of the citizens of our state, the rule of law

and the very constitution in which we all swore to uphold.


Therefore, we Missouri Sheriffs United, are requesting the following from our Missouri legislators:

1) We request that it be written into law that the Missouri Department of Corrections and its

employees shall honor all orders and sentences of the Associate Circuit Courts, Circuit Courts,

Appellate Courts and the State Supreme Courts, known more specifically as Truth-In-Sentencing.

If this basic request of truth cannot be honored, we further request the following:

2) We request that it be written into law, that on the third conviction of any law violation (Criminal

law), Truth-In-Sentencing shall be fully enforced by Department of Corrections exactly as the

Judge orders it word for word.

3) We request that it be written into law, that after three Parolee violations (either technical or

criminal) said Parolee will be sent back to the custody of the Department of Corrections serve

the remainder of his or her term and therefore at least justifying the actions from the original

adjudicated crime.

4) We request that it be written into law that after three probationer violations (either technical or

criminal) said probationer’s probation be revoked and his sentence be executed.

We thank the Missouri legislators, governor, and the courts for their efforts to further law and order in

the great state of Missouri.

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Before passing any such law the powers and abilities of said employees ie.. probation/parole officers should be checked and defined. As is those employees can write violations for someone who needs to reschedule their monthly probation check in no matter what the reason. It's up to them and does or does not have to be written up so if someone simply dislikes another they could be violated and subsequently sent to prison for unjust reasons.

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