25 years ago

Oct. 5,1994

The Marshfield Police Department has increased its force by one this year, although the “officer” addition is of a different breed than the other officers. Rottweiler, to be exact.

“Hooch,” a 130-pound two-year-old, has been riding in the department’s “K-9 Unit” since the early summer months with officer Steve Adamson. The patrol car was customized to accommodate Hooch, and includes features such as a cage and tinted windows to provide him shelter from the sun.


A new Rogersville Senior Center facility is nearly complete after approximately 50 volunteers ranging from 12 to 74 donated time and labor to construct the building.

When workers started construction at 7:30 a.m on Sept. 10, there was only a concrete slab on the property. By 7 p.m., the building had been erected and roofed. The following Saturday, the outside was completed except for braces, and siding was applied to the building. Wiring and insulation of the building is expected to be completed this week.


On the surface, the September gathering in a back yard near Portland, Oregon, probably looked like millions of other family gatherings across the country each year. In reality, the people there were celebrating something most people take for granted — being together as a family.

A cake sitting among the other food was inscribed “Mission Impossible Complete.”

After more than 31 years, Robin Rader of Marshfield has finally found all six of her brothers and sisters. The barbecue was arranged to introduce Julie Simmions, the youngest sister, to the rest of the clan.


The importance of “cleaning up” at the end of the gardening season is often overlooked. “As soon as a crop is harvested or killed by frost, the remaining plant material should be removed or tilled into the soil,” says University Extension agronomy specialist Dr. Oscar Ingram.

“Not only does ‘cleaning up’ improve the appearance of the garden,” Ingram said, “it also reduces disease and/or insect problems that may come back to haunt you next spring.”


The Greater Ozarks Region of the American Red Cross held its annual Marshfield fall blood drive on Sept. 15 at the United Methodist Church. Fifty-five area residents donated, including five new donors.

Calvary Baptist Church provided cookies, McDonald’s donated orange drink and cups, and the Marshfield Jaycees put up posters.


Deaths reported in this issue: Robert Roy Browne, 73

50 years ago

Oct. 9,1969

Henry Rust caught a 6.8-pound channel cat in a pond. Henry did not give out much information except to say the fish was for the preacher. Could it be that some fishermen are overlooking some good luck possibilities?


The Marshfield High School homecoming queen candidates are senior, Pam Choate; junior, Melba Evans; sophomore, Mary Malenowsky; and freshman, DeEtta Hyder.


Two Marshfeild stores will change locations next week. The Value Mart Clothing Store will move to the building occupied by Tim’s Handy Food Market, and Tim’s will move to the Value Mart location.

75 years ago

October 12, 1944

Raymond Lee Atkinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Atkinson, Rogersville, was awarded the degree of American Farmer at the annual convention of the National Future Farmers of America, held Oct. 9-11 in Kansas City. He was one of eight FFA boys from Missouri to receive this high honor.

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