Jan. 11, 1995

25 years ago 

The Marshfield Boy Scouts Troop 63 is giving back to the community, while at the same time, learning leadership abilities and realizing their own self worth. 

“We try to be of service and an asset to the community,” said Tom Hudgens, Scout master for the troop. 

Hudgens, who has been with the Boy Scouts since he was a youth, said the Scouts help young boys realize they can achieve goals.


A ruling today (Wednesday) from 30th Judicial Circuit Judge Theodore Scott gave the go-ahead to begin construction of a proposed Juvenile Detention Center for the five-county district. The district consists of Webster, Dallas, Polk, Hickory and Benton counties. 


The Marshfield Department of Building Inspection issued 61 building permits during the month of December, according to a report released by Building Inspector Richard Baker. The city collected a total of $2,035 in permit fees, and the total estimated cost of construction is $445,058.


The Strafford Board of Aldermen accepted a bid to build a new water tower during its regular meeting last week. McGuire Iron from South Dakota will build the new tower for $251,890. In other business, the board voted to purchase tires for the maintenance department.


Deaths reported in this issue: Bobby Gene Coffman, 11; Edgar L. Munson, Sr.; Mary Irene Totten, 89, Fordland; Thomas Floyd Baker, 77, Fair Grove; and Emma Ward.


Jan. 15, 1970

50 years ago

The Navy Commendation Medal has been presented to John H. Beason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beason of Marshfield. The citation was given to Fireman Beason for his performance on June 7, 1969, while serving in Vietnam. Beason served in the Navy four years, receiving his discharge at the end of September.


The John Silkey family has five generations: Vollie Silkey, the great-great-grandmother, Marshfield; Mrs. Ruby Larimore, great-grandmother, Conway; Ebal Jean Whitehead, grandmother; Betty Joe Breedlove, mother, and little Jennifer Breedlove, the fifth generation, all of the latter of Aurora, Illinois. 


Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Price and Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Weaver, Brenda Loren and Keith, spent Sunday in the Bob Barker home helping Bob celebrate his birthday. The kids enjoyed sled riding with their sled being pulled by Bob’s truck.


Jan. 15, 1920

75 years ago

Henry Fellin has accepted a position with a clothing firm as a traveling salesman. He has resigned his position with the S.C. Hoover Clothing and Shoe Store. 



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