The Replogle family reunion was held Saturday evening, Nov. 25, at the Conway Community Center. Visiting and a good meal were enjoyed by all 56 who attended. Door prizes were won by Gary Hendrix, Alysia Burke and Don Replogle, and a live auction and silent auction were held. A display was posted with notable events in family history and memorialized lost family members Terry Lee Bradshaw, husband of Missy Taylor Bradshaw, and Jaycee Grace Davy, infant daughter of Jamie and Joe Davy.

Those in attendance were Dennis and Melinda Twyman, Sullivan; Donna and Donald Kinkade, Republic; Gary and Gwen Hendrix, Billings; Ron and Alysia Burke, Strafford; Robert Stephens and Kathryn McGovern, Springfield; Lou and Karen Rumker, and Beth, Miles and Hazel Howard, Rogersville; Rodella Massey, and Dean, Carrie and Anna Howerton, Phillipsburg; Nina Twyman, Floyd and Kathy Twyman, Howard and Dee Twyman, Lloyd and Pauline Hendrix, Dale and Sondra Caffey, and Jack and Patty Dill, Conway; Maxine Replogle, Dave and Janie Replogle, Gene and Dorothea Farr, James Farr, Kathleen Replogle, Keith, Teri, Tony and Stephanie Replogle, Wanda and George Greer, Kristy Greer, Leticia Eckhoff, Tyrone Greer, Don and Jeanie Replogle, Kelly, Amy, Shelby and Shanon Replogle, Jarrett Vann, Tom and Carol Replogle and Connie Hutchins, Marshfield.

After discussion, the family voted to change our reunion date and format for 2018. We plan to hold a lunchtime or early afternoon picnic on Saturday, June 2, at a Marshfield City Park pavilion. Kathy McGovern agreed to reserve a location with the Marshfield Parks Department and to create a Facebook page called Replogle Family - Missouri, where she will post additional information about the 2018 reunion as it becomes available. Be sure to mark your calendars with the date.

The reunion committee appreciates all who helped set up and take down tables and chairs and those who helped with the kitchen, auction and clean-up.

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