As we're slowly making our way back to normalcy, I commend the efforts of our school districts.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, they began developing ways to support students and faculty, especially during these uncertain times. It has been an adjustment for everyone.

On third Monday of the month, I attend the Marshfield Board of Education meetings. I'll admit some topics aren't as interesting as others, but they’re still important. When I participate, I get a feel for our school district and what the superintendent, staff and faculty are working on. During this month's meeting, Dr. Garrett Lowder, executive director of academic services for the Marshfield R-1 district, covered the summer school programs. He explained more details to me a week ago regarding the academic services department’s plans for a blended summer school.

The week before that, superintendent David Steward (along with other superintendents in Webster County) filled me in on the progress of the 2020-21 school budget. I know it’s part of their job to watch where the funds are being spent in schools, with help from school board treasurers and other individuals. Still, I'm impressed by the amount of time and effort they invest in it.

Over the course of the pandemic, I've talked to superintendents, administrators and staff. It’s amazing to see the careful planning and progress they've made to help both students and faculty. From cafeteria staff preparing meals for the free lunch program to the adoption of MHS 2020 graduating seniors, there are numerous efforts underway.

Speaking of which, I connected with several individuals from the Class of 2020 while attending a drive-by event Friday at Marshfield High School. We talked about COVID-19 and other topics of interest. They were outspoken and engaged about the issues revolving around the pandemic. They maintained a positive outlook about their futures and expressed the feeling that they would somehow get through it. I’m sure it’s hard for them, and they might not always have that attitude about things, but they just roll with the punches, and that's something I admire.

Just like with the superintendents, administrators and students, we all are in the same boat. We didn’t ask for this pandemic, and we’re not thrilled about it, but somehow we maintain a deep drive within us to press on. Like the Ford company and other businesses across the country reopening its doors, so people can return to work and provide for their families. Maybe it’s too soon, but we won't know unless we move forward.

The last few school events I've covered this past week have shown me how we can take a bad circumstance and make the most of it. Similar to our Marshfield Strong initiative at The Mail, it's about standing by each other and treading through these uncharted waters together. Let's continue to stand strong and together. If there’s an opportunity to contribute or help a local business, let’s do it. We are Marshfield Strong. 

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