In high school, Coltin Clifton of Marshfield asked his girlfriend, Alana Hall, to prom with only a pickup truck and a trailer.

Clifton thought he'd go bigger for the wedding proposal. On Sept. 12, he showed up to Hall's workplace at Stockmens Bank in Marshfield, driving the Peterbilt semi-truck, which had a sign on the side of it with the words, "Alana, will you marry me," in big white letters.

"My older brother, Dusty, painted the sign," said Clifton. "He got everything ready for us, which was a huge help." 

It was a complete shock for Hall. She said her friend, Paige Thornton, went out to get some coffee for her that morning.

"When I walked around the back of the building to go get it, Paige told me someone needed me out front," said Hall. "I walked around the bank and there he was coming around the Spur Drive. Both Coltin's family and my family were involved in the plan. They hid behind the Domino’s building and waited for me."

In addition to his brother, Clifton said he got some help from Avery and Paige Thornton, who are friends with him and Hall. He woke up early and hid the semi truck in the Orscheln Farm and Home store parking lot in Marshfield. Avery helped him take care of the sign, while Paige distracted Hall.

"It was really fun to work together on this," said Thornton. "I could tell Coltin was excited when he told us he was going to propose to Alana." 

Clifton said he couldn’t go out and buy a ring since he and Hall share a bank account, so he asked Paige to help him get it.

"While I was working, I had Paige go to Springfield and buy a ring from Zales," said Clifton. "She just filled out a credit card for me. I paid them back as soon as I could. The other challenging part was Alana has the Life360 app to keep track of my travels. It’s a nifty app, but it does make trying to plan things like this pretty hard."

They didn't tell Hall about it for a month, which was something Paige found difficult to do since she’s a close friend to Hall.

"Alana and I are such good friends," said Paige. "It was so hard not to tell her. We can't keep secrets from each other. I’m not good at keeping secrets at all." 

As for the semi-truck, Clifton said sometimes the company he works for will let him bring it home on the weekends. At the beginning of September, he asked his boss if he could use the semi-truck to propose to Hall.

"My boss was all for it," said Clifton. "He said, 'There's nothing more I'd rather use the truck for than that.'" 

Clifton and Hall have been dating for six years. Both of them graduated from Marshfield High School. Hall said they first started dating on Aug. 24, 2014.

"Coltin was nervous when he asked me out," said Hall. "On our first date, we ate at Steak and Shake and went to the movie theater. It was super cute and he did a great job. The rest is history from there." 

Clifton drives the semi truck for Dick Dampier Trucking, out of Urbana, Missouri. He has been driving since he was 18 years old. His hardworking attitude stood out to Hall, who said that's something she loves the most about him.

"Coltin's an old soul," said Hall. "He always has my best interest at heart. He really means a lot to me."  

As for Clifton, he said, "I love the way her eyes sparkle. She's just beautiful inside and out. I'm just glad the anxiety of waiting to propose to her is over. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her."

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