As I headed to work on Monday morning, something told me to make my way to the Marshfield square.

I really think it was God gently leading me in that direction since I was taking pictures of a Road Closed sign for another road improvement-related article, but I'm glad he guided me there.

The Marshfield square looks so beautiful! I was shocked when I turned on South Crittenden Street and saw the asphalt paving. It felt kind of like the final reveal during an episode of Extreme Makeover. I can't stress it enough. I'm just super happy with the improvements. When I traversed around the square that morning, I remember how smooth my tires moved on the road. The fresh coat of paint on the parking lines immediately caught my eye. I actually found a place to park and took pictures of the road. That also gave me a chance to actually see the crosswalks, which have a Missouri Route 66 logo on them.

Yeah, I know it sounds a little weird to be this enthusiastic about a paving project, but I can’t help myself. I love seeing the growth in our town. Whether it's the new water tower beside Rockwood Family Dental, the beautiful mural on the side wall of the Marshfield Laundromat, the Route 66 design on the Whispering Oaks Golf Course silo (thank you, Samantha Cox), or the roundabout on Buffalo Street and Banning Street, I'm thankful to see the work being done here.

I've mentioned in some past columns that good things come to those who wait. Well, this is a perfect example. We've waited for this paving on the square, but it didn't just happen overnight. It took many meetings, representatives coming together, hiring contractors and workers for the labor, and other components to make this project possible. I also believe it was God's hand on it.

There's still many more great things ahead for Marshfield and for Webster County in general. Webster County clerk Stan Whitehurst told me about the new ramp they're going to add to the courthouse entrance, which will provide a more handicap accessible entryway. I know this year has been tough with the pandemic, but we still have so much to be thankful for, like a brand new paved road on the square.

If you're visiting the Marshfield square, enjoy the drive and maybe (if nobody’s around) take a few laps around it. And be sure to thank someone who helped with the project in some way.

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