I encourage our communities of Webster county to emphasize our spirit of goodwill by remembering to give where we can, share when possible and always offer a helping hand. I raised my children with the belief that as long as we had, we could give. Where we cannot give, we can share, from donations to our precious time. It is all valuable. A very wise man once told me, if we all do a little, no one has to do a lot. Goodness, how simple yet profound is that logic?  

We should also be shopping at our local establishments every chance we get. Even if it costs a few more dollars than buying online or driving to the big city. However, many times I think "better deals in the city" is a myth. Dollars spent locally can really add up. Have you ever heard of the Local Multiplier Effect? It is a very valuable, hidden feature of our economies. The term refers to how many times dollars are recirculated within a local economy before leaving through the purchase of an import. On average, it is reported that a dollar spent locally is worth six to eight dollars to a community. Think about that – how strongly that impacts our local communities.

Shop the local businesses that you see advertising their goods and services to you …our valued readers of The Marshfield Mail. They show you every week that they value you, as a reader. Prove to them that you value them in return. Businesses market to you, their audience, in good faith. They are hoping that you are looking for them and will spend your dollars with them as you support your local business community.

Remember, Amazon doesn't sponsor your kid's ball team. Their taxes do not support your local police, fire and EMS services. They also do not sponsor community newspaper sections like Letters to Santa from our kids, Holiday Greetings and Gift Guides you will see in the coming weeks. Your community businesses bring you these things. Without their support, you would not be reading your children’s letters that are published, as an annual tradition.

Seek out these businesses …our sponsors, in your community newspaper, folks. Spend your local dollars with them. Seek out the organizations in our pages and donate your time to them. Seek out the events publicized in our pages and support them. Those organizations and events are what make our county so incredible. Our willingness as a responsible, proud involved citizen is what moves us forward together.

Never before has it been so important to keep your dollars and support local. As we slide into the last part of an incredibly unprecedented year, let us all be reminded that as divided as some of us may have become, the time to stand together as a community is at hand.

Give local. Read Local. Shop local. Support local.

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