Rogersville Alderman Marjorie Gelz announced her resignation and wrote an open letter to her constituents on Tuesday, March 30. 

In the letter, she said, “I have chosen to walk away, vacate my term early, and resign. I have put my heart, time, and effort, as well as my family’s, into making Rogersville a better functioning city only to have my integrity maligned and my contributions belittled to the point of being labeled as only caring about prettying up the city.”

Gelz was first elected in April 2018 and then reelected to a 4-year term in April 2019. According to her letter, she was highly involved, attending a plethora of meetings within the city to gather data to help address the citizens main concerns including stormwater control, safe pedestrian accessibility and sidewalk functionality, enriched infrastructure and more. 

“As time progressed, layers were peeled back and many internal City Hall issues became readily apparent. Several easily-solvable problems had been left unaddressed for years… Relationships that had been positive turned sour due to the issues regarding employee behavior, non-management,  a lack of transparency, and failed leadership and accountability,” she said.

According to the letter, the divisions she mentioned are not only within departments but also between departments, which she added, was affecting the city as a whole and became evident that no resolutions were going to be pursued by supervisors or the Mayor. 

“My hope with this statement is that a broader group of citizens will be made aware of the issues and will step up and ask the City of Rogersville to remedy these issues and work with the people to make our town function better as a while,” she concluded. “It is time for others to lead Rogersville into a new era.”

To read the full letter, open the attached PDF.


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