Taxes: one half of the two things that are guaranteed in life. We are all taxed to the hilt, and it is about to get a whole lot worse if Nancy Pelosi and the out-of-control Democrats get their way.

This weekend, they pushed a $3 trillion — that is 3,000 BILLION — "stimulus" package through the House of Representatives. This is much more of a liberal wish list than about actually stimulating the economy.

From assistance to cannabis sellers (mentioned 68 times in the bill) to Planned Parenthood funding … the ones that kill 300,000 babies each year ... there are all sorts of liberal goodies in this bill. There is student loan forgiveness and a bailout to the Post Office to the tune of $25 billion.

There is even a quarter of a billion dollars to assist all the prisoners they are letting out of jail early. Let that sink in.

Now, I am not knocking the USPS, but that needs to be addressed in a separate bill. And we are shutting down the country when 100,000 people die, but we support 300,000 babies being killed with taxpayer money? That should have every church in the county writing letters to their representatives.

I get that the government has a responsibility to prop folks up who have lost their jobs when it was the government who shut down the economy in the first place. I applaud the government helping support businesses that had no choice but to shutter, but this is ridiculous.

I admit there were issues with the first stimulus passed by the Republican Senate. I never agreed with everyone getting a $1,200 check. I have not lost my job, a fact that irks a few of you based on recent letters, so why should I get a check? I thought we should pay that directly to those who lost their jobs or had to shut down their businesses.

The workforce in the U.S. before the shutdown was almost 165 million … or roughly half of the population of 330 million. As of last week, 36 million people were unemployed. THOSE are the people we should be helping, not me or any of the rest of you that have fully retained your employment.

Just for perspective, if we gave each of those 36 million $25,000, it would total just less than $1 trillion. The Democrats are proposing $3 TRILLION, and they want to pay every family between $2,000 and $6,000, regardless of their employment status. Absurd!

Oh, and who is on the hook for that cool $3 trillion? You and me … the working stiffs and taxpayers. That’s who.

You see, the government has no money. They produce no goods or services. The only money they have is what they take from us, and we are tapped out. Only about 56% of the people in the entire country actually pay into the system. Forty-six percent of our neighbors pay nothing.

We are already $23 trillion in debt as a country (23,000 billion) and there is no end in sight to printing money. Just a big ole fat IOU chained to our children and grandchildren. 

Now, not counting that debt, and focusing just on the $3 trillion Nancy dreamed up, we are all burdened with a pretty big tab. If you split that debt among the 126 million households in the country, each would owe $24,000. That is your tax liability to pay back

That is where I got the $25,000 to each unemployed worker. If we are going to pay that much, why not just send the funds to those laid off and move on?

No … that would make too much sense. We need to pay our lobbyists and special interests and fundraisers and then try to implement a bit of the social agenda while we are at it.

This is a tough time, and there does need to be a safety net for those who were cut off at the knees through no fault of their own, but this is ridiculous! The first bill was flawed to the hilt, and my own party designed that one. The second one is an OBAMAnation, pun intended.

We need to support anyone willing to tear it apart and come back with common sense, although it is Washington and they are establishment politicians, so that is pretty much impossible.

Frankly, if this keeps going like it is, the cannabis industry might start looking pretty good. Lord, I apologize ….

Jamey Honeycutt is the publisher of The Mail and its sister newspapers, the Buffalo Reflex, the Cedar County Republican, the Christian County Headliner News and the Bolivar Herald-Free Press.

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