Fordland Water Tower

Fordland’s water tower underwent cleaning on Friday, April 2 when chlorine was added to the tower. According to Water and Sewer Clerk, Kathy Carnahan, the city does this every four to five years in order to keep water tests coming back with good results each month. 

“Our water comes straight from a well. We add nothing to it,” she explained to the Fordland Residents Facebook group. “We are flushing hydrants Monday, April 5 to get it out of the lines.”

Chlorine destroys disease-causing germs and helps make water safe to drink. Cities add chlorine to help eliminate slime bacteria, molds and algae that commonly grow in water supply reservoirs, on the walls of water mains and in storage tanks. 

According to the city clerk, flushing the lines should eliminate the issues those in the community have noticed over the weekend. Those who are still able to smell the presence of chlorine after April 5 should run the outside faucet for a few minutes to help clear out lines. 

“I really didn’t think with what they added, anyone would notice a difference,” she apologized. “I do want to apologize to the residents of Fordland.”

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