Fifty six years ago, my hero and great American, Ronald Reagan delivered a historic speech drawing a clear delineation between conservatism and liberalism at the 1964 Republican Convention in California.

That was back when California would allow any conservative talk south of Yuba City.  

Soon after, Reagan would become governor based largely on his introduction through the convention and his speech, A Time for Choosing, known popularly as "The Speech."

I urge you all to watch it as it is preserved, as everything is, on YouTube.  It is 29 minutes long but there are shorter versions that hit the high points if you are time strapped.

To me it is the clearest contrast between what has become our two-party political system and it rings just as true today as it did half a century ago. As we approach what I consider the most consequential presidential election since Reagan defeated Carter in 1980, I ask anyone still undecided to watch this speech and then look at the options we are faced with and decide which one most embodies Ronaldus Magnus and his wise words.

Reagan realized that our country was headed for a crossroads back then and painted a clear picture between the two parties as the cold war raged and America was struggling to define itself in the face of civil rights, the Vietnam war and a generation gap that divided many in our country.

For that reason, there are many examples why this time in our history is very similar to the mid-sixties and early seventies.  There is division and our country is split between the conservative views of Reagan and Trump or the leftist, socialist doctrine of Biden, Harris and their ilk.

It truly is a time for choosing and there is no place for "fence sitters" or those hiding on the sidelines.

I love this country and truly believe it was founded divinely through our Creator who used the founding fathers as a conduit to establish the most perfect union on the face of the earth. I believe that with all her flaws, the United States continues to be the last best hope for the survival of the planet and freedom loving people everywhere.

We have done the most with our power to advance the human condition and have abused that power less than any other country before us in history.  Reagan recognized that and pointed it out eloquently in his speech.

Slogans like "America first" and "American Exceptionalism" have been criticized by the left as arrogant and even racist but Reagan and Trump understood their meaning and the good that a strong and resilient America provides to a world yearning for leadership.

Obama attempted to transition the country into a new world order and an era of globalism where America assumed a diminished role. With the democrat party sliding further and further to the left under the pressure of self-avowed socialists Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib, it appears Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and your father’s democrat party have little hope of retaining control moving forward.  

I know that we are bombarded by fake news and false claims during these heated political times but I simply ask you to look as what both parties stand for and have accomplished when in power and then go back and listen to Reagan's powerful speech.

Whichever appeals to you and the country you want to leave for your children and grandchildren, I encourage you to support.

For me and my family, it is a time for choosing and the choice is crystal clear.

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