pleasant view church in elkland, mo

Update from the Webster County Sheriff's Office after print: 

The Webster County Sheriff's Office wants to thank everyone for their tips regarding the Property Damage and the Burglary of the Pleasant View Church in Elkland. Based on your tips up to 12 people have been identified as possibly being involved with the incident. Up to 7 people have been interviewed last night and today about their involvement in the incident. At this point 4 people have been arrested with more pending. Hats Off to Sgt. John Everett with the Webster County Sheriff's Office who spend countless hours last night and today working this case.

Original story:

Deputies arrived at Pleasant View Church in Elkland to find quite the surprise on Easter morning. The window panes which once held beautifully detailed pieces of antique glass now lay empty. Jessie Perkins, whose great-great-grandfather built the church in 1890 said she believes the crime happened in the early hours Sunday, April 4. 

“Someone decided to celebrate Easter by busting out the 100-year-old stained glass windows of the church,” said Perkins. “When they broke in they also damaged the piano and pulpit… both had been in there for 100 years.”

According to Sheriff Cole, deputies are working hard to get to the bottom of it. Archie Rich, the president of the Pleasant View Church Committee  $750 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involved. Those with any tips regarding this crime should contact the Webster County Sheriffs Office at (417) 859-3911.

“I’m glad the past generations are no longer here to see what’s become of what has always been so sentimental to us,” she added. “My heart aches for the souls that are so tortured that they would even think of doing such a thing.

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