Three-hundred pounds of food was delivered to the Webster County Food Pantry in Marshfield last week, a contribution made by a 10-year-old girl.

Ellah Benz, of Marshfield, has collected food for her "Thanks for Giving" Food Drive. It isn't something that she's doing for herself, but rather for families who don’t have any food for the holidays.

"I've been taking Ellah around different places," said Latashia Benz, Ellah's mother. "She asked people if they could put a donation box in their business."

So far, Ellah has collected food donations from five local businesses and local churches. At the beginning of October, she asked her mother to do the drive.

"Ellah came up to me and said she wanted to help," said Benz. "I made her a t-shirt that says 'Thanks For Giving.' I got it on Amazon and ordered it. She was so excited when I showed her the shirts."

Ellah's donation boxes have been set up at various locations, including Marshfield Eye Clinic, Son-Rise Christian Church, Marshfield Ride and Drive, American Family Insurance and other businesses.

"We've collected so many donations of food," said Benz. "The community has been so generous in letting Ellah do this."

Not only does Ellah hope to collect food for families during holidays, but help in other events, including giving to veterans in the spring and donating toys for the toy drive at Christmas. When asked why she wanted to give back to the community, Ellah said, "Because God wanted me to."

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