Tree Hunt

The Marshfield Tree City USA Advisory Committee recently began plans to host a Giant Tree Scavenger Hunt this spring, as part of its Arbor Day Celebration in April. Pictured on far right is Paul Johnson of the Marshfield Tree City USA Advisory Committee, with other members.

A giant tree contest is coming to Marshfield.

On Oct. 1, the Marshfield Tree City Advisory Committee talked about a giant tree contest. Paul Johnson of the Marshfield Tree City Advisory Committee said they mentioned the event at last month's meeting, as a way for people to get outside and find big trees within city limits.

"We talked about doing it as early as this fall," said Johnson. "We decided that's too soon and it could be an event for the coming spring." 

Johnson said one of the committee members provided some guidelines regarding the event. Instead of trying to parse out different species of trees, the competition will be based on the biggest tree in the city.

"The trees must be on private property inside the city limits of Marshfield,"  said Johnson. "Nominators are to utilize the measuring rule of the Missouri Champion Trees Program."  

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Champion Tree program celebrates the biggest known tree species. There are more than 130 species on the list.

"For the contest, nominators must measure the trees themselves first and fill out the form," said Johnson. "In doing that, this will help lessen the amount of work the committee has to do." 

The nominator measures the tree and fills out the form first, then sends it to the committee, according to Johnson. They can then weed through the stack and select the top five trees to then measure together as a group and/or have the designee do the measuring.  

Johnson said the nominator doesn't necessarily have to be the owner of the tree, but the owner has to be on board with nominating the tree, which a space is designated on the form for that.

"The forms can be sent to the parks department's email and may be dropped off to city hall, or mailed in," said Johnson. "We would give a scoring system based on the Champion Tree program. That's how we would then select the top winner and also when we would do our Arbor Day Proclamation in the spring." 

Participants can enter the contest by March 31.

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